Stellatos House Gastronomy

As Hippocrates states: Food is your medicine and medicine is your food !!

At Stellatos house we have as a guide the importance of following a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We use only fresh and high quality ingredients to create excellent dishes from Greek Mediterranean cuisine.

Dinner menu:

  • Grilled Octopus and homemade Greek salad
  • Traditional Meat Pie from Kefalonia
  • Gemista Risotto – Lunch Special

Daily Breakfast Buffet :

  • Eggs benedict and farmers breakfast
  • Croissants -Fresh Juices – local yogurt- Coffee- milk and many other delicious delicacies

Health & Wellbeing: Nostalgia Restaurant

Local Organic Wine:

Kefalonia is known for Robola, an increasingly rare and noble grape variety. A fresh lively, crunchy white wine with notes of citrus, peach and apple. Complex, balanced and dry, with an orange blossom tip and a long finish. We have many local wines from local wineries that use all traditional production methods. All local wines are organic and have a beautiful complexity due to the unique, high altitude of the island.

Smoothies & juices :

Our Wellness Drinks Menu offers an extensive range of smoothies and juices, the recipes of which have been put together to provide great tastes as well as nutritional value.

Deliciously Organic

The authentic handmade traditional family jams :

a) Strawberry jam
b) Apricot jam
c) Orange jam
d) Traditional dessert of the spoon such as : morello & grape

Only from the trees that exist in our garden. Where our organic products come from.